Have you ever thought that you could write a book about your experiences? Perhaps it is time to make writing more than a hobby. If your life journey drives you to develop your writing skills, if your story insists on being told, we’re here to help you finally begin writing it.

As a published memoirist with a master’s degree in nonfiction, I work with students one-on-one so they can get the supervision and attention they need. Many two and four-year colleges teach fiction and poetry courses, but there is a serious lack of nonfiction. Often the teacher specializes in either poetry or fiction.

Because of this, many nonfiction students end up disguising their work as fiction in a fiction or mixed fiction and poetry class. On top of that, even undergraduate nonfiction courses leave you and your work in a sea of other students vying for the personal attention you need to develop your work.

Meeting weekly or biweekly over Zoom, I will go over your manuscript and work with you on your level. Between classes, I will read your work in progress and be ready to move you and your drafts forward at the next meeting.